AHO! Come my friends let's dance together
in full regalia with our Sacred Feathers
Come, sisters and brothers, join one another!
The dance is calling to every Tribal Nation
Keep the Sprit Dance for every generation!

As we dance to The Creator above...
we thank Him for His gifts of love
We dance to honor Ancestors of old
that their wisdom will fill our soul

Dancing to the healing spirits
it's their healing powers we seek
for the old, sick and the weak
Teaching our spirit dances to our young
We are joined by spirits of the old ones

As the air is filled with musical sounds

and the Dancers dance round and round
their flying feet just barely touch the ground!
Leaving the grass not ever trampled down!

Yes, the grass is still standing proud and tall
leaving mystical amazement in the hearts all
The drums are like Mother Earth's heart beat
as her beauty comes alive beneath our feet...

Whether we dance by day or night
the spirits are guiding us to peace and light
The dancers, every woman, child and man
dances to honor our people and our land

As sounds of flutes and drums
fill our hearts and ears...
We are the children of Indians
Remove us once again? NO! Never!
We will dance our spirit dances forever!

Come! Join the Sacred Circle NOW!
Let's join together at every pow-wow
The dance is calling to every clan and tribe
Honor your Ancestors with your spirit and pride!


Barbara LaBarbera
2005 used with permission

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