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Born to mountains on high
An Indian maid gave a first breath's sigh
Hers was a spirit wild and true
Legends of her beauty grew.

Soon a young man came
Who the maid's spirit would tame
Their love burned like a flame
But their parents knew only shame

The young man
was not of Indian land ...
Theirs was true love of the heart
But her white uncle tore them apart.

The young man fell ill
His was a broken will
Without the maid and no love to give
He no longer wanted to live.

The day the young man's body died
His spirit went into a wolf to abide ...
Now he's always by the maid's side
He became her spirit's love guide.

Look unto Great Spirit's sky
Let not your heart ask why ...
Watched by wolf spirit's eye
Theirs was a love never to die.

Hearts Blessed to be ...
They still run the wind free
With spirits locked together
Their love will live forever ...

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission


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