A Spirit Sister is a special someone
you feel and know from the start ...
no matter where you come from
you share the same spirit and heart

Like the She-Wolf Alphas and Betas
We're sisters, aunts, and Mothers
and just like the Wolf,
our strength is in each other
And loving trust binds our pack
keeping our sisterhood intact ...

My sister with the long silky red hair
and skin so delicate and fair
in whose heart I find refuge there
When I'm in her presence
echoes of Celtic drums fill the air

My little Cherokee, Sister Bear
has a spirited inner strength
that we both share ...
My beautiful sister of the Navajos
tells me stories of long ago

I have a sister of Cajun Kin
whose heart has a fiery spirit within
She has dark dreamy eyes
Like the bayou's midnight skies

A Cherokee Sister who dances the wind
with a heart that invites all as friends
My beautiful little sister from Wales
who forever leads happiness trails

My little sister of Lakota pride
with the strength of a lion inside
Served her country as a Marine in Iraq
With open arms we sisters welcome her back!

Most of my sisters are Cherokee
some are Lakota and Black Feet
but we all walk the same path
and share the same heart beat

My sisters come from all across the land
From every culture, country and Band
With different colors of hair, eyes, and skin
But our spirits connect us as kin ...
For it is the heart we share within

My Spirit Sisters stand with open arms
offering to each and all
shelter and protection from harm
Taking care of the sick and old
they have caring souls and hearts of gold
Nurturing our young as we give birth
We are Spirit Sisters of Mother Earth ...

Mitakuye Oyasin AHO!

Barbara LaBarbera 2005

*Dedicated with love to my Spirit Sisters
Nancy "Delegalis" (Cherokee/Celtic)
Sue "Cajun Sue" (French/Cajun)
Esther "Yonv Udo" (Cherokee)
Michelle (Lakota)
Suki "Little Turtle" (Navajo)
Jean (Cherokee)
Chris (Wales)
Angela "Wind Dancing" (Cherokee)
Wihuna (Cherokee)
Cyndi (Texan from Louisiana)
Mayrenne (Dominican Republic)
Jacque (Canadian Blackfoot &Cree)
Kay "Wadulisi" (Arkansas)
Marion (England)
Lorna "Black Feather" (Chippawa)
Running Doe (Cherokee)
Lavonda "Whispering Wind" (Cherokee)

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Beautiful painting by Maija


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