In Indians are memories held yet ...
Spirit's talker's stories, never to forget.
About tribal woman and man
When all was the Great Spirit's land.

The young in circle draw near ...
Spirit talker speaks for all to hear
about a long ago realm of time
when land was kept in Indian hearts and mind.

The stories spirit talker speaks to all
Tsulnali, listen with heart to his call ...
All Tribes, Cherokee, Lakota, Navajo of long ago
Ancestor's life for hearts now to share and know.

Spirit talker rises in Great Spirit's time fold
and speaks to proud ancestors of old.
Their spirits among us still ...
Free with unbroken will.

Know how the Great Spirit's hand
reached across all this land
When Indian hearts were free ...
proud in all they could see.

Respect and honor for this land
lived in Indian woman and man ...
Great Spirit blessed Indian hearts to be
and always to ride the wind free.

Only when hunger would be ...
did Braves hunt wild and free
Kept safe and warm children and wife
That was the Indian way of life.

What could not be put to use
was let be or cut loose ...
That was the tribal way
In the Great Spirit's day.

When as far as one could see
for each all was free ...
It was Native American home
where man and buffalo could freely roam.

White man came one day
from across the sea far away ...
Deep in his heart was great greed
And it soon outgrew his need.

There was great change ...
with white man marking his range.
Lusting for riches, land he must acquire.
The land was divided by posts and barbed wire.

Indian Brave's lives and many a horse
lost, caught in barbed wire during this course.
It was no longer Indian home
Buffalo slaughtered and killed, no longer roamed.

White men from across the sea
took, Great Spirit's land was no longer free.
Animals killed, their species no longer found
It was no longer Indian hunting ground.

But Spirit Talker keeps ancestors alive
and Indian spirits will always survive
Free always with unbroken will
In many are Indian spirits still.

All across America's land
Great Spirit reaches out His hand ...
Touches all hearts with new decree
Indian spirits still ride the wind free.

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission

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