~ Springtime, Here and There ~

When itís springtime in Ohio,
Oh, how the wind can blow,
Some days are sunny and warm,
Then other days thereís snow.
I like to watch as flowers come,
When they start to show their green,
My goodness, thereís a crocus,
Itís the brightest I have seen.

In England, Spring has risen,
The Snowdrops have all gone.
They were a pretty sight to see,
Waving gently in the sun.

The Daffodils have shown their heads,
They are a joy to see,
Their golden hue can make me smile,
Spring brings such joy to me.

Oh, what a joy to hear birds sing,
And to watch new lambs at play,
I just thank the Lord in Heaven,
For every springtime day.

God made us all four seasons,
Summer, winter, fall and spring,
And then with every change, we find,
Something new to us He brings.

I love the Springtime freshness,
New birth is all around,
The trees are all in bud now,
As warmth seeps to the ground.

So, Praise our God in Heaven,
Praise Jesus Christ, His Son,
Praise too, the Holy Spirit,
Spring's here, for everyone

 Lu Dube and Amy Hollesley
© 3/14/2004 used with permission
1st two verses by Lu, every other 2 by Amy


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