I woke up in the darkest night,
A storm was raging fast,
The wind was strong, so very strong,
I knew that it would last.
The wind was moaning as it raged,
A sound I could not bear,
It whistled through each little space,
It knew that I was there.

I knew it came to seek me,
It knew about my fears,
It sought me everywhere I hid,
And reduced my heart to tears.
Then suddenly, a friend arrived.
She'd come to be with me,
She knew that I'd be frightened,
And came to set me free.

"Don't cry" she said
"For this is God, in all His Majesty,
He's blowing all the dust away,
From eyes that cannot see.
He sends the wind to cleanse us all,
Of things not in His plan.
So Thank Him, for it shows His love,
For each and every man.

Step forth, don't hide,
Show Him your face,
He's here to bless you,
With His loving grace."
I did step forth, and felt the wind,
Like I'd never known before.
It's strength was so amazing,
Yet, I stepped outside my door.

The wind swirled round about me,
As I stood beside my friend,
It seemed to blow right through me,
I thought it would never end.
I quickly realized something else,
I felt refreshed, indeed.
No longer was I frightened,
The wind had touched a seed.

I felt my Spirit growing,
And with my friend I cried,
Tears of such sweet happiness,
I was free, so free, inside.
I stood a while longer,
The wind still swirling round,
I thanked my God for loving me,
No fear in me was found.

He has set me free !!

Amy Hollesley 2004

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Photo taken just before the storm