I noticed while traveling over this continent
Every city has an area, just for discontents,
People without any idea of love or even hope
Pain so deep they've forgotten how to cope.

Even in sleep, the pain still invades all their dreams
They live on with very desperate plans and schemes,
Watching those around them die or just disappear
Living each second of their lives in constant fear.

Lost for them, is our Lord's word of love's tale
Like I was always told I would just fail,
Drilled in my mind it was hopeless to even try
Left to myself, never letting others see me cry.

Yes, I was one of the people you see on the street
Using drugs and alcohol to ease the pain I would feel,
On the streets of lost souls I found myself
Never thought there was anyone out there to help.

Always had a place, but could never call it home
Because my heart had been turned into hard stone,
Afraid to feel, to love, or even believe in myself
There was no future for me, is the way I felt.

Into my life came a woman's love to make it fall
The bricks and stones I had used to build a great wall,
Into my life she brought me love and God's way
But that's another story, how my soul she could save.

Gary Salter 2005

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midi.. "My Deliverer" Rich Mullins
Mitch McVicker
Sequenced by Brian William
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