~*~ Sundancer In Bonds ~*~
by Barbara LaBarbera
based on a true story

Many gathered at Pine Ridge in peace
Pleading for justice, in the hearts of each
Acting only in peace were Leonard Peltier
along with other Native Sons
But their peace was met by heavy military guns

With no warning anywhere about
Suddenly, across Pine Ridge shots rang out
What was the Indian's official offense?
Red Brothers returned fire only in self defense

Who can say who shot who?
Even then no one really knew ...
Why did the government blame Peltier?
Judging him guilty out of their coward's fear ...

Ask your spirit's heart within
Just what was Leonard Peltier's sin?
He's innocent, there's nothing to forgive
and he has every right to freely live ...

Peltier is a proud and honorable man
all he wanted was the return of Indian land
Land that was given by a solemn pact
but the government reneged and stole it back

Now lifted up on the winds of time
Peltier is carried in our hearts and minds
But all alone in a concrete prison cell
is where his body is forced to dwell ...

Cold prison bars is all he can view
Does your heart not ask, what can I do?
He sits alone and sick as he waits
What will be Leonard Peltier's fate?

On honor and freedom was America built
but politics decided Peltier's guilt
The government knows the witnesses lied
and yet Peltier's freedom is still denied ...

Let your spirit look to the Creator's just skies
From his cell, hear Peltier's warrior cries
Pleading justice from his warrior spirit
only with a true heart can you hear it ...

Locked away all these many years
As his people's hearts shed bitter tears
From his cell, as the years slowly pass and go..
he watches the tree of life from his cell window

Oh, America, hear the people's plea
Return Peltier home, set him free ...
In the spirit of Crazy Horse ...
Let true justice take it's course ...

Peltier's spirit walks ancestor's lone hard hill
His spirit sundances still with an unbroken will
But like an eagle shackled and bound
He longs to soar over Mother Earth's ground

With paintings created from a Native heart
He brings joy to so many from his art
But alone forever in his cold hard cell it seems
freedom exists only in his spirit's dreams ...

From the Trail of Tears to Wounded Knee
the Red Path has not been easy ...
Peltier walked a brave path of his own
and should not be left to suffer alone ...

It's time for hearts to take a stand
and help free this innocent man
His body is imprisoned by lock and key
But his spirit will always ride the wind free

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission

Official Leonard Peltier Website

*Support AIM, help free Leonard Peltier
Free Leonard Peltier : U.S. Political Prisoner

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