~ The Abused Child ~

Alone in the darkness, the frightened child cried
No one came to hold her, no arms opened wide
The room was all blackness, she whimpered in fear
And down on her soft cheek, past the bruise stole a tear

The cold house was empty, they had left her alone
She trembled with fear when she heard them come home
Drunk and fighting, they crashed through the hall
They fought, she could hear through the wall

Cold, hungry and whimpering, afraid they might hear
She crammed her small fist in her mouth, filled with fear
But some sound that she made penetrated the wall
Her door was flung aside as he stormed from the hall

"Here's something to cry for" his fist struck her cheek
"No daddy! don't hurt me" -but he liked the weak
It made him feel brave when he menaced his child
He punched her and kicked her, his eyes growing wild

As she lay still, crumpled up on the floor
"I'm sorry" he said. "It won't happen no more"
This time it was over, this time was the last
His child lay beyond pain, her small life had passed

by Beulah Marie Starr 2008

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