The Big Sale

I can't believe my alarm just went off
I think I'll cover my head and cower
Whose idea was this anyway
To have the stores open at this ungodly hour!

They advertise their half-off sales
But you have to be there so early
And if you happen to find what you want
Someone will take it and become somewhat surly.

I just saw a woman with curlers in her hair
She was looking for swimming flippers
Another one has her housecoat on
On No!!!! I'm still wearing my slippers!!!

How could I leave the house this way
I've never done this thing before
Of course I've never been up this early
I can't believe I got up at four!!!

You can keep your sales and half-off goods
Next year I'm staying in bed
I plan to do all my Christmas shopping
In comfort and from catalogs instead!!! :-)

Chee Chee Martin 2005

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 midi.. arranged by:
Don Carroll
Houston, Texas


Brought to you by 2005