The Final Dream

I dreamed that the blast of a trumpet
had sounded and raised up the dead
They were singing and marching together
toward a bright city ahead
So I joined in and followed behind them
on a street so narrow and straight
At the end was a stranger awaiting
 He welcomed them right through the gate
I walked up and said to the stranger
'How do you do my dear friend?'
He just pointed the other direction
and said 'there, they will welcome you in'
The gate closed quickly behind me
as He vanished right out of my sight
All the brightness of the stranger had faded
and I stood in the darkness of night
There was roaring and sounding of thunder
as the stars fell down from the sky
There was weeping and wailing and crying
And I said 'My God, where am I?'
Then a voice called out of the darkness
as I shivered and my body grew cold
'You never gave your life to the Savior,
and brother I now own your soul'
Then I remembered the words of a preacher
who said 'without Jesus your soul will be lost,
and you'll never make it to heaven
until you have been to the cross'
Then I awoke from my dreaming
I fell down on my knees and I prayed
'Take me now to the cross of the Savior,
and wash my sins all away'
'Let me see the glory of Jesus,
Show me the tomb where He lay,
I want to see Him ascending into heaven
With a promise to come back one day'
'I'm so sorry I neglected salvation,
Dear Jesus please show me the way,
Forgive me for my sins and my failings,
Make me ready for that great Judgment Day

Yolanda Cohen 2004



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