~*~ The Last Warrior ~*~

Hearts weep for this Warrior yet today
for the way his freedom was taken away
It's a story the wind and trees often tell ...
how one warrior lived and how he fell ...

White soldiers called him a renegade
but by them was his wildness made
All his brave heart ever wanted to be
was to walk his home land free

They took away his Indian name
tried to fill his heart with shame
As a child, with his spirit still young
they forbid his Native tongue

He roamed the mountains on high
and raced his pony under the sky
He rode the winds wild and free
Embracing all his spirit could see ...

He was a proud and gentle man
toiling and working the soil by hand
All he had asked was to live in peace
but it seemed so far out of his reach ...

The government said "trust us"
but his brave heart never saw justice
Watching with his heart's soulful eye
he saw his brothers and the land die

Wanting for his people only the best
against tyranny did his heart protest
Love of freedom beat strong in his chest
Peace and freedom was his soul's quest

He only wanted peace and equality
and for his people to live free
The white man's heart feared him
but he meant no harm to them

Laid back with his spirit mild
but evil men labeled him wild
By their evil hearted hands
they were laying treacherous plans

They ignored his offer of a broken lance
Seeking hope, he began to Ghost Dance ...
His dreams of freedom dashed and lost ...
and white soldiers would make it cost

Their evil hearts could easily see
no prison would hold him by lock or key
In their wicked minds eye
they plotted that he should die ...

His heart became very wise
seeing tyranny wore many a disguise
In his heart there was no mistake
to save his life, he must escape ...

It wasn't the true nature of a Native son
struggling, having to live on the run ...
He was the Last Warrior of his Tribe
living on the run, having to hide ...

Searching, not making a sound
the white soldiers hunted him down
Like evil beasts running in a pack
without mercy, they shot him in the back

As he lay there taking his last breath
he peacefully embraced death ...
At last his heart was free ...
and his spirit will always be

Watch! On a far distant hill
Last Warrior rides the wind still
His Spirit will ride forever and again
Were his soulful efforts in vain?

In hearts the struggle continues longer
and people's spirits grow yet stronger
Recognizing tyranny as an enemy
their spirits still long to be free ...

Let your hearts not ever forget
Last Warrior's spirit watches yet ...
and wonders where will it all end ...
Will there ever be peace among men?

Barbara LaBarbera 2004

*Dedicated to Fallen Eagles
Chief Crazy Horse
Chief Junaluska
Red Cloud
Sitting Bull
Chief Joseph

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