~ The Old Home Place ~
I went back to the old home place
Where I spent my childhood time
Walked the fields where I once played
Saw the trees that I once had climbed

The old house was still standing
And some rags on an old clothesline
A wash tub hanging on a rusty nail
Not used in a very long time

The silence brought tears to my eyes
As I thought how it once had been
With the sounds of laughter everywhere
And overnight visits with our kin

A wicker rocker and the old porch swing
Moved a little in the breeze
How many stories could they tell?
I hope they never tell, Oh please

They heard my life long plans, you know
And saw my very first kiss
While sitting in that old porch swing
My stories of sorrow and of bliss

Then I wondered where they all had gone
All the friends I had back then
Do they all have families of their own
Will I ever see them again

An old tire hanging from the tree
Dangling on a rusty chain
As we grew, grandpa came each year
To adjust it once again

Looking back at the house once more
With the shutters now all gone
The chimney stones are crumbling too
On the house that once was home

I thought of the folks that used to come
Thru the door that now was broken
How they talked of God and heavenly things
Not a bad word was ever spoken

I got a glimpse of my old iron bed
And it seemed like home again
As I saw the place where I had knelt
In prayer with siblings and my friends

All the neighbors we once had
Are also a long time gone
Just broken down old houses now
That folks once called their home

Then I remembered why I was there
Like somebody gave me a smack
When the boss called out and said,
'We'll shove her down from the back'

Thoughts went rushing in my head
I said, as fast as I could think
'Hey Boss, I'm gonna buy this one'
As I gave that house a wink

I couldn't see them tear her down
She has waited for so long
For somebody with fond memories
To finally come back home

Yolanda Cohen April 24, 2007

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