Jesus is the Light of the World

~ The Power Of Light ~
The Power of Light
Is in each one of us
It is our very soul
Which God did entrust.

We're supposed to take care of it
And nourish it each day
Fill it with His divine word
He'll show us the way.

He gave us these bodies
A part of Him resides inside
The Power of Light
Is with us to guide.

We are given a choice
On which path to take
He whispers this to us
Ignoring is a mistake.

We all get wrapped up
In our daily lives and events
But if we just listen
Tribulations we will prevent.

A righteous life we need to live
Help everyone we can
Share our Power of Light
By extending out our hand.

Show forgiveness and love
Do what is right
We are all good inside
It's called "The Power Of Light."

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