In addled dreams of sunsets, warm
I piece the truth together
People die, new ones are born
Irregardless of the weather

Life feels random and unfair
Just like my father said
That monster firestorm didn't care
Now all are filled with dread

A simple spark set things ablaze
'Twas all the dry grass needed
Fires raged and ravished on for days
Though precautions, they were heeded

We mustn't live like rabbits, scared
Of what is next to come
Although the world is unprepared
For the actions of but some

In truth, I do not understand
In truth, I'm glad of that
I seek The Father's loving hand
And have myself a chat

Faerie's Heart Songs
T.R. Cardinet 2007

Dedicated to the men, women,
children, pets and wildlife who
have suffered and lost so much
in the California wildfires.
Also, dedicated to the countless
unsung heroes, who worked night
and day, to save so much for so many.
God be with you all during this time
of reconciliation, reconstruction and healing.


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