~ Those Were The Days ~

Back in the days of yore,
Our military fought on foreign shores,
We were called to battle by a mad man,
On December of 1941 we fought Japan;
We called out the 'Big Gun'
They had awakened the 'Sleeping Giant'
We battled and we won,

The United States was recovering
from 'The Great Depression'
Unemployment was on the decline, we survived:
We refused to give in to oppression,
Homes were bound together with strong family ties,
Neighbor helping neighbor,
We wanted the whole world to see,
That this is the land where freedom
knocks on every door,
The land of opportunity,
Who could possibly want more,

Times were hard, money was tight,
The government rationing affected the food we ate,
And the clothes we wore,
But this is the land we love,
And to this land we pledged our plight,

There were no T.V's
so we entertained ourselves,
Children played outside...climbing trees,
Riding bikes, jumping rope, softball in the street,
Camping in the back yard under a sheet.
We walked downtown to see 'picture shows',
We walked to school in rain, sleet and snow,
In our raincoats, rain boots, and bumper shoots,

It was a time when loyalty and honor
were clearly understood,
Virtue was it's own reward,
Mothers stayed home and tended to the chores,
Clothes were washed on
wringer machines and hung outdoors,
We had no air conditioners, nor refrigerators,
We used fans and the food was kept in the 'ice box'
Modern appliances came later,
Music played on victrolas with a vibrating needle,
The music rocked,
Radio was the lifeline for America,
News, music, and entertainment,
Soap operas, quiz shows,
Mystery stories,
'Only The Shadow Knows'

We were introduced to the 'Jazz Age'
Big bands competing for the stage,
Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller,
Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman,
They knew how to swing,
Musicals: Showboats Ol' Man River,
Gershwins: Porgy and Bess,
Cole Porter, Rogers and Hammerstein,
These were some of the best,
'Somewhere Over The Rainbow',
'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered',
We swooned over tunes sung by
Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Dinah Shore,
Kate Smith sang Irving Berlins 'God Bless America'
War songs: I Got My Questionnairy'
'Gee But I Wanna Go Home'
And who could forget,
'Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree'
With anyone else but me'

Today when I think back,
I realize how blessed I was in so many ways,
I was safe and secure in the knowledge
That America fought for the freedom we have now,
Indeed, Those Were The Days


Janice Bumbalough Marler 2004


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