Oh, what have your greedy hands done
to this beautiful land under Grandfather's sun
Mother Earth's heart weeps away ..
at a new trail of tears today ...

You build towering structures that reach the sky
yet leave America's starving poor and sick to die ...
What about the old ones, the elderly
that no one cares enough to visit or see ...

Where once open fields and forests would meet
you have now carelessly covered in hard concrete ...
Where once heard echoes of ancestor's drum beats
Now are car horns and sirens on over crowded streets

The homeless wander the streets at night
seeking shelter from the cold wind's bite
The old who are feeble, sick and alone
Uncaringly placed in an over crowded nursing home

Mother Earth is choking in a smoggy haze
Ancestor's spirits cry out for return of old ways ...
When hearts were caring in all that they could see
Not as hearts today full of indifference and apathy ...

You've destroyed forests of trees
Polluted rivers, streams, and now the seas
You build condominiums to show your wealth
Yet disregard care of the poor and elderly's health

Watch the big rich oil companies
break nature's balance as they please
Killing without care and such ease
destroying the Creatures of the seas

Industries and transportation continue without care
as they recklessly destroy Creator's fresh clean air
Will hearts awaken to a new dawn
before the ozone layer and all is gone ...

Ancestor's hearts were full of honor and pride
Respect for Mother Earth carried inside
Believing all should be free
and live with nature in harmony

You called ancestors savage and renegade
But look at the chaos you've made ...
I ask as friend ...
Where will it all end ...

How long will this new trail of tears continue ..
Corporate America, how much is enough for you?
How much is needed to sate your greedy heart
As you tear Mother Earth apart ...

Wipe indifference and apathy away ...
Stop this trail of tears today ...
Grandfather weeps from the skies
Pleading, stop before Mother Earth dies

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission

Special thanks to Red Hawk
for input and encouragement

"The earth and myself are of one mind."
~Chief Seattle, Nez Perce~

"The ground on which we stand is sacred ground.
It is the blood of our ancestors."
~Chief Plenty Coups, Crow~

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 Midi is courtesy of, and copyrighted to © Elan Michaels.

Graphic courtesy of:
Winter's & Old's Native American Tubes

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