~ Toil and Trouble ~

Toil, and Trouble itís always the same
At some point in life, we all play the game
We dream of a life all roses, and hues
Then wake from that dream feeling abused

Our hearts and our minds picture pure bliss
While the path that we climb, seems so endless
We work, and we work, to pay all our bills
Feeling tired at dayís end, with not many thrills

Sitting, and thinking about shattered dreams
We beat up on ourselves, daily it seems
Arising each morning, to start a new day
Sometimes we feel as if God's gone away

God hasnít left you; Heís been close all along
Trying to lead you, down roads you belong
Weíve abandoned his will in our lives, donít you see?
We forever go our own way, while He waits patiently

Get on the right path; let him lead you today
See God at the end of your road, go His way
Your dreams will be realized once you give in
If you only trust Jesus, to lead you to them

God has a purpose, a plan for your life
Stop fighting it now, and leave all that strife
Give him your heart, and your battle is won
Then dreams will come true; life has begun

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Debra L. Looney © 2004


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