~ To My Friends ~

As I awoke this morning
I said a special prayer.
That God would be with each of you
In Cyberspace ~ for He knows where.

Each time I count my blessings
You're at the top, you see ~
For only God could join us
Our friendships meant to be.

I know that people raise their brows
When we say that we are "friends".
Wondering how that happens
In emails that we send.

I have no answer to their thoughts.
But I do know this, my friend.
When I prayed for an angel ~
It was YOU, God chose to send.

So as I count my blessings
On this somewhat dreary day ~
I smile for I am truly blessed
God saw fit to send you my way!

Remember that I am always here
Right at this keyboards end.
You can always say "I need you" ~
And I'm just as close as "send".

That's how we keep in touch
You and I ~ like now.
Building lasting friendships
Let others wonder "how?"

When God sends angels to us
We're blessed ~ what can I say.
So that is why I write this
To those He's sent my way.

Just a little "thank you"
On this very special day ~
I'm blessed for I know always.
You are just one "send" away!

I love you

Mary Anne Ray 2006


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