~ Trail Of Blood And Lies ~

Under a chilled blue Autumn sky
she patted the old family dog good bye
She looked at her home one last time
worry and sadness heavy on her mind

General Scott's soldiers stood in wait
angry because it was getting late
Rounded up along with others
they had already taken her brothers

Scott's soldiers had made many raids
and all the men were held in stockades
It was a time of great sorrow
facing an unknown tomorrow

She was pained leaving her pony behind
the soldier said, shut up, don't whine
Such sadness when she was told
"That damn horse is too old" ...

Leaving her Land of The Blue Mist
If only she could stay, she wished
But she faced, with tears in her eyes
the trail of tears, blood and lies ...

Junaluska was then Chief
His brave heart in such disbelief
Betrayed by Pres. Jackson's lies
tears again welled up in her eyes

Star Dove was this young girls name
hers was a spirit none could tame
She had only just turned eighteen
her beauty like an enchanted dream

Her parents died when she was quite young
leaving four children, her the youngest one
Though many kind offers by others
she was raised by her older brothers

On the trail for about five days
soldiers kept eyeing her in evil ways
One blue coat attempted a kiss
her older brother was enraged by this

In anger he lunged at the man
but was met with a bayonet held hand
through his chest went the bayonet blade
blood gushed from where the wound was made

Her brother had been viciously killed
and soon more blood would be spilled
She thought her heart would break
how much more could she take ...

Sitting all alone the very next night
she heard a foot fall ever so light
suddenly an ugly pale faced savage
had her pinned in an evil ravage

She grabbed her hidden pelt knife
in self defense she had taken a life
Fear filled this little Cherokee
for her own life she must now flee

Her brother came from the other side
His spirit would now be her guide
protecting her from evil strangers
and keeping her from all dangers

Knowing she could not return home
she faced a future totally unknown
Her brother's spirit with a careful eye
would lead her to "Land of The Sky"

(Continued in Part ll)

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission



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