~ What is Holland ~
Now that I have explored your Holland with you,
I find that it is a place that brought me much joy.
The air was so fresh, the temperatures rather cool,
And with never a mosquito or fly to bite or annoy.
I ask myself, what about Holland makes it so unique?
With a series of dikes land is fashioned right from the sea.
Cities appear, roads are designed and homes are built.
How they can accomplish this feat is amazing to me.
Holland is flat without a mountain or hill to be seen.
It is flowers everywhere, all colors, shapes and size.
It is cows, horses and sheep grazing in fields of green
Such peace and tranquility to me was a total surprise.
Canals dot the countryside next to narrow brick roads.
And beside the canals lovely brick homes you will see,
Their foundations nestled within feet of the water,
Water which slowly makes it's way back  to the sea.
The cities are a mixture of buildings, both old and new.
Modern factories and churches built centuries ago.
Most families live in row-houses two or three stories high,
Small yards with flowers and with no grass to mow.
But, Holland is much more than a beautiful place.
Holland is bicycles, and more bicycles, everywhere.
Ridden by all, the very young and the very old too.
And they have the right of way, so drivers beware.
Holland is little cars darting through traffic;
Road rage non-existent, no "finger" up in the air.
On clear highways their speed will astound you,
But all seem driven with extreme caution and care.
Holland is coffee, hot, strong and flavorful,
Served to each guest along with something sweet.
Holland is close-knit families and friendships,
With love to share and Dutch "kisses" so neat. 
Holland is people, lots and lots of people,
All speaking a language so lovely to hear,
But, the words a mystery to the "outsider",
For you will never understand it, I fear.
So, what is Holland is a question easy to answer.
It is a country full of charm in so many ways.
And if you are lucky enough to visit there
You will always remember it as the happiest of days.

By Kay E. 2004


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