I wonder what more
Is there after age 64?
Should I dare guess ...
About all the rest.

Old "Arthur" may strike my bones ...
But you'll never hear me groan!
I still have plenty to say ...
"I'm doing it my way!"

Mr. "Alz" strikes at times ...
Causing senior moments and mind ...
What was it I was trying to find?
Oh, well, I'm just one of a kind!

No cavities, I now have false teeth
With a sagging chin beneath.
But I still have that ole twinkle in my eye
It'll be there when I die!

Watching the ole TV
The dang screen you can barely see.
But what a contraption
with all that closed caption.

I don't chase the opposite sex anymore
'cause I'm too old to score.
But I don't give a hoot ...
'Cause some think I'm still kinda' cute.

Don't worry about a lover,
'cause everyone takes cover.
I'd rather fight instead ...
But all my exes are dead.

What used to "be" is now, "has been"
Just beats anything I've ever seen!
What used to make me proud and glad
Now makes me at times kinda' sad.

I sometimes trip on the rug
and can't find my hearing aid plug ...
I used to be a run around
But now home is where I'm found!

But I'm seldom blue ...
I still have a chuckle or two.
I just sit back with ease ...
'cause they can't take away memories.

I don't worry anymore
about what's after 64
I don't mind one bit, the rest ...
'cause I'm still the best!

Barbara LaBarbera
  2003 used with permission

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