~ When God Created Woman ~

When God created woman, He knew that we had to be,
Strong enough to live each day, In peaceful harmony.
The special strength He gave to us, Was different from the man.
We had to be able to pass each test, To meet our life's demands.

The virtuous woman is hard to find, But we should strive to be,
The ones who accept this challenge, And be called blessed by our family.
We call on God to give us strength, As we try to do our best,
To comfort our baby's fever, As we hold him to our breast.

Being a woman is a privilege, That men may not understand.
But in her touch there is comfort, She has God's love in her hands.
And yet those very same hands, Can be as strong as steel.
To take care of her family, As she prays to seek God's will.

When God created woman, He made us exclusively,
To walk in the light of His glory, And live our lives exemplary.
Of all of God's creations, I'm sure He is pleased to see,
That the Christian women who walk in faith, Are the strength of their family.

Dear God above, You made us, We commit ourselves today,
To walk with You in silence, And ask You to guide our way.
Bless every word that's spoken, Help us claim the victory,
As we Praise the name of Jesus Christ, Throughout eternity.

Karen Bunker ©April 10, 2007



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