~ Where The Red Hawk Flies ~

My heart's spirit sits sad and alone
while my warrior walks a path of his own
Brave Wolf is my warrior's name ...
His love burns in my heart like a flame

Traveling lands of the red hawk each day
He is now walking paths far away ...
Destiny took him where the red hawk flies
and that is where my heart lies ....

My warrior's heart is brave and strong
for his life's path has been hard and long
When my heart fills with sadness and fear
I feel Brave Wolf's warrior spirit near

I watch across Creator's clear blue skies
My heart longs to be where the Red Hawk flies
I sit always alone at the Sacred Fire
my spirit longing for my heart's desire ...

Sometimes I can hear as his spirit talks
he tells of the many paths he now walks
On Grandfather's soft summer days
his spirit calls to me in so many ways

I sit under our favorite Grandfather's tree
my heart always thinking of him silently ...
Sending love messages on eagle wings as he flies
Soft winds caress my heart with my warrior's replies ...

Wild animals always came to him
trusting, holding no fear among them ...
Drawn by his kindness, they came
By one gentle touch could he tame

He touches with large strong hands
for he has toiled and nurtured the land
His wolf spirit will always be my guide
for it's his love by which I abide ...

My warrior fills my heart so much
but now I long for his love's touch
As the sun fades and begins to sink low
I wonder why did my warrior have to go ...

His heart's path is painted richest gold
by the gentleness that dwells in his soul
As I walk in Creator's fresh clear air ...
My heart feels his spirit everywhere

My love comes to me in dreams at night
our heart's love carried on the moon's light
I longingly gaze across the night's Starry skies
My heart always where the red hawk flies ...

Barbara LaBarbera
  2004 used with permission

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