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~ I Hear A Whisper On Christmas Day ~

I woke up this morning on Christmas Day
I heard the birds whispering to me and I smiled
In my heart I knew you, my spirit sister was calling
I felt your love as if you were there all the while.

I opened up my window, looked out to see
There is so much beauty in this world for me
We are together, side by side
The squirrels are hiding nuts in the trees
The ducks are swimming in the breeze
Butterflies are flying, Oh! So free
You and I are believing in the birds we see
Singing in the sunlight, their wings dipped with water
All fresh and new,
I wish we could go with them, if we only knew.

Then I am by myself again with a smile on my face
I hear a whisper on Christmas Day,
Which for me is a happy place
In the afternoon as I sit at my table, I will not be alone
Two special people will be my very own,
Jesus will sit at the head, I will sit in the middle
My spirit sister, will sit at the end, my best friend
We will have a great meal,
I am sorry it will come to an end.

In my heart, all these things take place
I am in their arms, I feel so safe,
A whisper at Christmas came to me
It was God's miracle, that was there to see.

Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Love so easily understands
What you can see is the smallest part;
You don't need Christmas in your hands
When you have Christmas in your heart.

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