The leaves are gone and the trees stand naked still reaching for the sky.
It's a sign, of the seasons, that tells us that the time for Old Man Winter is nigh.
The landscape of our countryside has become barren and pale.
Winter's pallid face can be seen, across every hill and dale.

Soon, this morose scene will be transformed into a beautiful sight.
Picturesque views, of nature, shall start to appear throughout the days and the nights.
Snow begins to fall and drifts slowly down from the clouds.
It's nature's time for entombment, as she unveils her own shroud.

A multitude of unique crystalline forms now cover the land.
A blanket of purity that's been created by Mother Nature's own hand.
Icicles dangle from the eaves of houses and sparkle blindingly in the sun.
Children, of all ages, are out sleighing and playing in Winter's world of fun.

As another day ends and the moon shines down from high above the trees,
The ice-glazed fields and meadows shimmer like water on moonstruck seas.
These scenes, and more, we know will never last.
Let us enjoy them now, before this season melts into the past.

Thomas C. Menear
2004 used with permission

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