~ Wolf In The Rainbow ~

To mountains old and worn
a beautiful child was born
As she grew, all could readily see
She had mystical strength and beauty

No one could control this spirited child
As she ran the winds free and wild
Her people wondered from the start
What could tame her wild spirited heart

Her many loves never seemed to last
Becoming mere shadows of the past
She walked a path of her own
wondering if she would always be alone

On a fateful day in time
Grandfather showed her a sign
Under the skies of a rainbow
A wolf was standing in the shadows

Shown by powers of Earth mother
Wolf in the rainbow is your brother
He will always be by your side
and will ever be your spirit guide

The rainbow now colors her life bright
guiding her spirit to peace and light
She learned through wolf spirit's eyes
and her heart grew worldly wise...

Rainbow Wolf showed ways of old ...
He became the guardian of her soul
Teaching her spirit to soar
She travels paths not known before

Her heart's destiny would not long wait
for by a mystical chance of fate
unexpectedly her love came
and lit an undying flame...

Guided by wolf in the rainbow
their love's ecstasy ever glows
Filled with passionate fury and desire
fanned by destiny's undying fire...

Written on the winds of fate
they will be forever soul mates
Whether they are together or apart
Her lover holds the secret to her heart

Now the secret, if you want to hear it
How did he tame her wild spirit...
Ask the wolf in the rainbow
He's the only one who knows...


Barbara LaBarbera
 © 2004 used with permission



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