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~ Wolf Spirits ~

Wolf Spirits forever wild and free
Blessed by the Creator to let be
They run on the wind
With spirits unwilling to bend.

Natural wild spirits to sate
They take only one mate
Running in a pack together
Their hearts loyal forever.

Wolf spirits very soul
The Creator Blesses bold
But what therein mystery
about wolves there be?

When wolf spirits howl at night
by the moon's full light
What do they seek
And secrets therein keep?

Wild untamed beauty, this creature
Great hunters their main feature
But they only feed
When hunger strikes need.

One smelled scent in the air
And of their bounty, they're made aware
Without cruelty, using great skill
It's wolf spirit's nature to make a quick kill.

Watch through wolf spirit's eyes
Your heart grows wise
With his spirit to guide
Your heart's path is wide

With wolf spirit's guide
Loyalty is to abide
A spirit's deepest emotion
Of a heart's pure loyal devotion

Wolves forever avoiding man
They run always free on the land
They will always run in a pack
By their nature, never look back

Great Spirit's wolves will survive
By His Blessing, they will thrive
Wolf spirits to let be ...
Always to run wild and free ...

Barbara LaBarbera
  2003 used with permission

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