The other day my daughter was crying and screaming and driving me insane.
Diaper's dry.  Tummy's full.  What else could I do to ease her pain?
Play with her, hold her, sing or even take her for a walk,
None of these methods worked.  Oh, how I wish she could talk!
I couldn't take her for a drive because the wife had the car.
That's when I looked up and spied the old cookie jar.
"I haven't tried that.  Would it work?" I asked myself.
With nothing to lose, I reached up and took the jar down from its shelf.
When I removed the lid, I looked and caught a gleam in her eyes.
It wasn't from the crying but from the joy of knowing what pleasure lay inside.
I handed her a cookie and she smiled back at me.
The look of peace and serenity was one I wished the whole world could see.
I could finally hear the radio and the news' daily word.
It was of war and destruction, the same things we've always heard.
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a simple way to find world peace?
Simply hand everyone a cookie and watch all the fighting and crying cease!
Thomas C. Menear
2004 used with permission
Dedicated to my daughter Elena.


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