~ You Are A Blessing ~

Dear friend, you're like no other
I must share you with the masses
With everybody and his brother
All the bonnie lads and lasses

If you were brand-new candy
Oh how dandy that would be
And you would be so handy
Chockfull of possibility

With chalk, I'd like to draw your face
Like hopscotch squares, so fun
Then people walking past our place
Would linger and not run

I'd like to put you in a bottle
Like perfume, oh-so-sweet
Or wrap you in a heart-shaped box
Yes, that would be so neat

I'd like to write you in a song
That everyone could sing
I would sing you all day long
Such happiness you'd bring

Just for myself, I will keep you
I will savor every minute
If you should go, the world would too
I'd be lost without you in it

Faerie's Heart Songs
Tracy R. Cardinet 2007


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