~ You ~

Child, often I watch you at night,
Silhouetted by the moon light.
I watch you as you gently sleep.
While shadows play hide and seek.

It is then I do my talking to you,
Just like in prayer you ask me to.
I help you sort out in your mind,
The troubles daily you seem to find.

I help you sort through good and bad,
We throw away what makes you sad.
I wash away each sin as we go,
And I cleanse you white as snow

I help you choose right from wrong,
And I've been helping all along.
Your prayers never go un-heard,
I hear each and every word.

Sometimes you don't like what I say,
So I might not hear from you the next day.
But I know what is best for you,
Although at times, you don't think I do.

You don't seem to stay mad at me,
Because you pray constantly.
I know you love me and life is tough,
You've yet to say I've had enough.

I know your cross is hard to bear,
And oft times you wonder if I care.
I assure you my child, I really do,
Trust in me as I ask you to.

In my image you were made,
Fear not my child, do not be afraid.
No harm would I bring unto you,
Just love me as much as I love you.

Now sleep my child, till morning light,
I'll see you again tomorrow night.
I will never forsake you, just like I said,
So sleep and rest your weary head.

Brenda D King © 9-16-06
We Serve a Loving God !!


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