Welcome to Switzerland

The Grandeur of Switzerland!!
By far this was my favorite place on our tour of Europe. It's magnificent snow capped
Alps reaching into the clouds
was a breathtaking observation.
Please be patient while the images load. Enjoy!

The following photos were taken from my hotel window in Engelberg,
where the sun radiates pure gold and shadows of coal.
What a beauty!!
Golden Alps Gold Peaks

More from the window. The following are the same but the one on the left up close, the one on the right, farther away so you can see the magnitude of them.
Awesomely HUGE! Hugely AWESOME? LOL

More from the window. Imagine this much larger, for it is only a bird's eye view.
It actually surrounds you in all directions.
Praise the Lord for the beauty he shares in his painting of the world!

I caught this sunset through the
bus window on the way to Engelberg.
Winding roads and tunnels
as we traveled through the Alps.

Steep and winding roads
I thought the bus wouldn't make it up
to where we stayed in the Alps in Engelberg.
But we made it! Nice accomodations!
From here throughout the rest of our tour
we had feather comforters! Cool!!!
We made it to dinner,
late as usual!

52 of us and we're starving!

Next stop is beautiful
Lucerne, Switzerland.

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