The city of Lucerne was beautiful with it's painted murals on the buildings surrounding various statues.
Many Sony moments in Lucerne!
The first picture is a small storefront window, but what made this so unique is the lace that was inside the window making a perfect backdrop for the lovely flowers.

Flowers & Lace

Here are some pictures of the murals on the buildings. I made them as small as possible but still large enough so you can enjoy the detail, which was quite amazing to me.

Mural Mural

Mural This is painted on the outside of what was a hospital at one time, but now a pharmacy.

The inscription from the picture on the left means,
"No medicine to heal a broken heart." Mural

Mural Mural

On the left a photo of most of the kids on our tour.
A happy bunch huh?
On the right a photo of Kat next to an odd looking fountain.

The kids Kat & Fountain

On the left is the train station. We aren't taking the train to our next destination, but we are taking a boat! Photo on the right has some nice architecture. A law office, I believe.
Train Station Office Building

I hope you've enjoyed the photos!
Next stop is gorgeous Lake Lucerne,
also known as the Vierwaldstattersee or
"Lake of the Four Forest Cantons" as we
cruise to the legendary Mt. Pilatus.

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welcome and appreciated!
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