Welcome to Header, where the flowers are vibrant....... romance is in the air ....... First a stroll by day, then take a boat ride with me down the Seine, where the soft breeze caresses you as we watch the sun set and the night roll in. Paris lights up on the ride down the Seine.
First by day, the view from the hotel window. Much of the city streets look like the picture I used for the bordered background which was another view from the hotel window.
Across the Street
The peaceful Seine
The Seine
A few photos of Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Stained Glass
A ceiling inside the Louvre!
Louvre Ceiling
Les Invalides as seen from Rodin's Garden
The Eiffel Tower as dusk approaches.
Eiffel Tower
Sunset Header
The sky changes colors from beautiful shades of mauve, purple & blue tonight. The zoom of the mavica camera worked pretty well don't you think?
Les Invalides
Les Invalides
Les Invalides
Still on the boat as the night rolls in and the Eiffel Tower glows.
Eiffel Tower at night

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