Welcome to Header, where the flowers are vibrant....... romance is in the air.......take a stroll with me to Rodin's Garden, home of "The Thinker".
A beautiful fountain along our walk.
Cheryl & Ken
Cheryl & Ken
The beautiful garden along the stroll I used to make the bordered background for this page.
From the rose garden adjacent to
"The Thinker"
Rose Garden
Not a small sculpture "The Thinker"!
The Thinker
More of Rodin's Garden
More flowers
More of Rodin's Work
The pigeon has perched himself as part of the sculpture, but he's not. ~smiles~
Pigeon on Statue
What a great backdrop these flowers made. Note the mavica camera! See Rhonda's pages of our trip to Europe here.
Rhonda at Rodin's

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