The magnificent Canterbury Cathedral with a long and glorious history dominates the city of Canterbury with its size. The Christchurch Gateway in the photo below was constructed in 1517 and restored by the Friends of the Cathedral in the 1930's.
Suspended over the archway through the gateway, this image of Christ in Judgment, is cast in bronze.
Christ in Judgment
Shall we go in?
The Choir looking East. What a beauty!
More inside the cathedral. Such beauty and detail is amazing, not to mention the age of this work.
Inside closeup
Inside closeup
The huge organ pipes
Organ Pipes
Intricate Stained Glass
Stained Glass
Back outside a talented man played both these instruments.
Just a couple more photos taken outside in Canterbury depicting some ancient buildings. In front of the first one is Ken and Cheryl. By the way, I have Cheryl to thank for the invitation for this great opportunity to visit Europe. Thanks Cheryl! ~smiles~
Ken & Cheryl
Circa 1647! Truly amazing!
 Circa 1647

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