The visit to Westminster Abbey was awesome. We were not allowed to photograph inside the Abbey, so the interior pictures are scanned images. The detail in the Abbey is exquisite.

Some History of Westminster Abbey
(in part from text written by Dr. Wesley Carr,
Dean of Westminster)

At least one medieval legend places the foundation of the Abbey in the seventh century. Around AD 960, the Bishop of London, St. Dunstan, established a group of 12 monks at Westminster. Divine service has been celebrated on the present site for over a thousand years!

The Abbey holds the distinction of being the coronation church of all the crowned sovereigns since William I in 1066 to the present day.

Most of the Abbey as it is today was built on the orders of Henry III between 1220 and 1272. The design was essentially English, with single aisles, a long nave and widely projecting transepts, combined with French Gothic features such as the apse from which tall windowed chapels radiate, the use of flying buttresses on the exterior for structural support, and the round rose windows in the transepts.

We entered the Abbey at the north door and this is the view above the door.

Close up section

Over the North Door Entrance

View of the quire, looking towards the west window
The many and varied monuments of Poets' Corner. Some of the great writers of the past 150 years commemorated by floor-plaques in Poets' Corner.
Poet's Corner
The The tomb of Mary, Queen of Scots
Tomb of Mary
The wonderful fan vaulting on the ceiling of Henry VII's Chapel
Fan Vaulting Ceiling
Beautiful Stained Glass
Stained Glass
Rose window of the South Transept
Rose Window
South Transept
ElizAbeth I ruled England from 1558 until her death in 1603.
Tomb of ElizAbeth
(in part from text written by Dr. Wesley Carr,
Dean of Westminster)

The first monks at Westminster Abbey belonged to the Benedictine Order. Their lives were devoted to worship, prayer, hospitality and study. One thousand years later their successors, the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, seek to live by the same ideals.

God may be addressed at any time and in any words but the discipline of certain times and particular words often helps. A simple prayer, attributed to St. Benedict.

O gracious and holy Father,
Give us wisdom to perceive you,
Diligence to seek you,
Patience to wait for you,
Eyes to behold you,
A heart to meditate on you,
And a life to proclaim you;
Through the power of the
Spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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