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A site with a mission, a site for the spirit, a place to rest,
be entertained and stimulate thought.

Site best viewed with Internet Explorer.
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Mission Statement:
To lift the spirit of the internet with
Over 4000 Beautiful Uplifting Flash, Java & WebTV Greetings,
to provide a place for everyone to touch the hearts of others, with love, inspirations and friendship. There is something for any and all occasions. Many original poems, thoughts and quotes to help express your feelings to family, friends, and loved ones. Come find the perfect card for that special someone. You won't be disappointed and they're all to send for FREE! Birthdays, Angels & Friends, Love, Inspiration & Sunsets, Holidays, Thank You, Anniversaries, Weddings, New Baby, Get Well, Sympathy, Recovery, 911 tributes, Graduation & more.

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I've tried to make it as easy as possible
to find what you might be looking for.
Use the search box below to search my site. Enjoy!

Below are links and descriptions to some of my pages.
More can be found on the Flash & Java Greetings Index
which is updated frequently so be sure to refresh
your browser to get the latest changes.

Welcome - This page welcomes you to my site and
contains a cool water messager java applet, and nice graphics.
Music is Things you said, by Depeche Mode

Sunset Paradise
This page uses a "must see" hue rotation applet on a sunset photo taken one very special romantic evening. Romantic poem by Sandbox Creations! Music is Nights in White Satin, by the Moody Blues.

My World
This page has a pic of me, my family, spirit guide,
the ocean and a short synopsis of what we're about
and what I love about life.

Family Photo Cube
A must see spinning cube of 6 photos, change the direction
of the spin, click on a photo and it brings the pic right side up
and stops for you to view. Click again and the spin begins again.

Corpus Christi Skyline on the Bay
This page features a really cool java panorama applet
with a view of the night skyline, during Christmas reflecting
on the bay! Music is Margaritaville......see why!


 Uplifting Greetings
Beautiful Flash, Java & WebTV greetings

Support For Families and Military
Poem Greetings to help support families
and those serving their country.

Pledge of Allegiance - Red Skelton Story the late Red Skelton tells the story of his teacher, Mr. Laswell, who explained the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance, word by word. A favorite of all who visit.

In The Arms of Love Forever
This is a memorial page after the horrific tragedy September 11, 2001. The poem is beautiful and comforting, a MUST SEE. Floating stars add a special touch to the graphics. Music is "I'll Remember" by Bruce DeBoer.

United for Freedom
Flash 5 required. So many stand united with us! A dedication, as the movie loads see the dedication in a typewriter effect in red, white and blue. No waiting with a preloader. The dedication text is the preloader and runs only once. On replay of the movie it skips the dedication text. Music is America the Beautiful

Prayer Scroll
Flash 5 required. A prayer for all, my heart goes out to everyone after the devestating terrorist attack September 11, 2001. Pass it on and God Bless America! Music is Whisper

~Loving Angels~
Beautiful poem and twirl java script. MUST SEE!!
Watch the loving angels in this unique java script.
Requires IE 5.5 or greater. Enjoy!

Angels are bright lights in the midst of our lives, quotes.
Nice angels lake applet.

My Golden Angel
See this golden angel page with poetry, music by Enigma.
Golden Angel lake applet also.

Watch the Angel Emerge
A must see for angel lovers! This page features
an angel emerging from a tunnel applet. Also features
a shimmer text applet, and some heavenly angel quotes.
The background is soft and the music soothing. This page
won the top 100 Angel Sites Award Feb. 2001.
Thank You Sonja!

Many more angel pages & greetings HERE

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Java & Vibrant Flash Animated Greetings!

Index is divided into categories to make it easy to find
what you're looking for. Each section you click to
will have thumbnails of the flash greetings and
links to the java, java script & non java greetings.
Each greeting is available to send for FREE!
I add to them regularly so check back often
or better yet..................

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Inspirational & Sunset Greetings Index
This page loads quickly and has many sunset java applets
grouped so you can click on a small image that will take
you to that sunset java applet. Applets featured are Hue Rotation,
Fader, Lake, Overlay Lake & CFade. The CFade is a must see!!
Watch the sun set and the night take over. Inspirational Flash
& Java Script greetings also on this page. Relaxing & beautiful music.

Meditation Index
A necessity in life, in my opinion, and my first poem,
"Love to Love is Life", resides on this page, using the
cool ballwriter applet. There are 7 thumbnails to take you
to pages featuring a hue rotation applet, overlay lake
applets, and moving objects script. There is soothing
new age music to enhance your meditation experience.

Slide Cyber Greetings Index
Send your friends and family one of these unique slide open
greetings designed by Spiritisup and Angel9oh7 .

Holiday Pages

~Holidays Greetings Index~ - FLASH
Holidays which have less than 3 Flash greetings each,
at the present time, are in this category. Holidays with more
are listed on the flash greetings index.

Valentine Poem from my daughter
A very special valentine poem in a cool java ballwriter applet.
A must see!

Index of Mavica Pages
Photos taken with my Sony Mavica FD-91! Description
of each page with a thumbnail to take you there.
A MUST SEE!! Mavica webring resides on this page.

Trip to Europe 1999

Royal Horse/Buckingham Palace
The first page of my trip to Europe, summer of 1999.
Mavica photos of the Royal Horse Palace in London.
Check out the MPEG movie clip of the changing of the
horse guards. The architecture in Europe was fascinating.
See some of the statues too. You can get to the 2nd page
of London from here, where you can see a lake applet
of Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament at night. Enjoy!

Westminster Abbey
A little history of this medieval cathedral and some
awesome pictures of the inside that I scanned.
We were not allowed to photograph inside or they
would have been Mavica photos, but these are really
worth seeing. Enjoy!

Another beautiful cathedral with a long and glorious
history dominates the city of Canterbury with it's size.
The photos here were taken with the Mavica. ~smiles~ Enjoy!

Rodin's Garden in Paris
Home of "The Thinker", the gardens and sights
along the way. Enjoy!

Paris - Sunset on the Seine
Photos of Paris during the day and from a boat on the Seine
at sunset as the night rolls in. Enjoy!

Switzerland, Snow Capped Golden Alps
Photos of the Alps, a beautiful site of Snow, Gold and Coal!

Tour Lucerne, Switzerland
Photos of the Lion Monument, Kapellbrucke and from
the bridge. Enjoy!

City of Lucerne, Murals & More!
Photos taken in the city of Lucerne, beautiful murals on the
buildings, muted background I made from one of the photos.

Lake of the Four Forest Cantons
Cruise the spectacular Lake of the Four Forest Cantons
as we make our way to the legendary Mt. Pilatus!
The weather is great, the breeze is soft and there's
a new view with every change of direction. Enjoy!

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View My Guestbook
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My Graphics Index - Artistic Dimensions
A variety of Backgrounds, Bars and Tiles free to use for your
homepage. Enjoy!

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Midi "Luvnu" is used with permission
and is copyright 2001 Bruce DeBoer

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