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~ The Sun ~

The sun provides us with light and warmth, two necessary ingredients for life. Energy beyond imagination emits from the sun, and makes life here on earth possible. Our planet would be barren, cold, and lifeless were it not for the benevolent sun.

Our very existence depends on the warmth of the sun. As we awake in the morning the bright rays from the sun shine through our window. Those rays reach into every corner and make everything brighter and happier.

In the winter the sun seems so distant, and we are appreciative for even the sparse warmth. We find ourselves longing for the sun's nearness again. In the summer the sun is in all its glory, and we bask in its warm glow. Fire, this is the sun's gift to us. Fire is a mystery that consumes and yet creates, that wounds and yet it also heals.

The sun light dispels the darkness, and brings warmth to our world. Light from the sun reaches us and our eyes, those priceless senses, give us an awareness of our world. Without the light from the sun our world would be engulfed eternally in one great night, and beyond our comprehension. The sun gives us morning and the light of day. How thankful we should be that God gave us the sun to light and warm our days.

~ by Walter Westfall ~
used with permission

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