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Love Non Java & Poetry Greetings Page 1 (Oldest)
My Daily Prayer My Love From Across The Sea Only Time Will Tell
My Kind Of Poem How Did It Happen Of Autumn And You
Be My Cuddle Cat Yesterday Or Long Ago If I'd Never Known You
Time Will Tell Time Be Told Secret Wish
Untrue Hearts Just Once In A While Dedicated Lady
Dance With Me Gone From Our Life Night Rider
I Sit Alone Watercolor Sunday Love Forbidden
What Would I Do Your Voice Had I Known
You Care Somebody Loves You Mystery In The Mist
Sorry I Missed You My Own Sir With Love Nights To Remember
Don't Go My Dreams Come Away With Me
Until We're Together In Box Empty Lasting Love
Price of Love Pledge To One Another-Marriage Let This Night Last Forever
Until Then It Was My Love To Give Connecting
I Know Wish Upon A Star Drifting To Forever
My Far Away Love Warm Shadows of Love Come Rain Or Shine
Matchmaker Hidden Cottage Friend I Never Met
One More Chance Slice of Love Alone
Your Loveliness Carved In The Tree Sweet Memories
Waiting - Native Am. Silent Love Dreaming
Just When Heart In Hand Twilight Dreams
Slowing Down The Angel In The Sand Caught Up In Your Love
When All The Roses... For The Love She Gave A Step So Confused
When You Hurt Everchanging In My Dreams I Dance
I Will Kiss The Rose  With You In My Heart
Gone Fishing Asleep In Pain Lover's Land
After All Because of You Morning Dove
Romantic Kisses Thinking of You The Fence
Loving Simple Moments Never, As In Forever Morning Walk
Days Grow Long Waiting For You Heart Friend
The First Kiss You Make My World Go Round Lover's Waltz
Amid Lovers Gentle Moments Oh River, My Heart
My Captive Heart Shooting Star Soul Mates
Dance The Dream Your Voice Where Are You
Almost So Far From Your Love Like A Ferris Wheel
No One Cotton Candy Skies Oh My, Oh My
Catching The Moon Windows of My Dreams Wildflowers
A Smile Upon My Face Glad To Be Alive Forest of Love
Just Around The Bend Tell Me I Wished
Princess of Love Rainbow Skies Love You've Given Me
Glimpse of Color If Only Heart Glitter - Animated
So Perfectly In Tune Searching - Adrift In Thought Passionate Memories
Prints On My Heart I'm Yours A Hand Up
This Beautiful Rose Lost In Yesterday Faith Hopes Forever
Scattered Loneliness The Glass Rose Little Angel Love - Animated
Angel Of Music - Animated Picture: A Beautiful Morning Anniversary Greeting
For the Bride to Be Happy Anniversary - Beautiful Where Dreams Come True
The Roses Where Love Dwells Memories Left Behind

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