Angels & Friends Non Java Poetry Greetings Page 10

Good Friends This Treasure We Are Given Special People
I Can't Imagine Distance InCreddyAble Blossoms Thank You, Special Friend
Purest Daisies Recipe For Happiness A Life Well Lived
A Friendship Offered My Country Gal Pal It's The Rosey Glasses
Three Simple Missions Fingerprints On My Heart Chiquita Dancin'
My Peppermint Rainbow Angels Disguised Bluebird Wishes Dear Friends
Receiving A Special Hug To My Dearest Loving Friend The Specialness Of My Best Friend
Springtime Friend A Beautiful Butterfly Painting Friendship Rose
Rose Dewdrops Fall I Will Friends Are Rare Jewels
Between Friends Wonderful Friend God Loves Us All
Sharing Happiness Dipped In Heaven's Gold A Prayer Is A Hug
In The Shadow Of A Rainbow Now That I Found You If You Can, Beautiful
Here In The Mirror Thank You, My Friends Two Little Daisies
May You Always II A Very Sweet Surprise
I Wuv You Just A Note Our Friendship Is..
When You Knock Upon My Heart Love My 'Puter Friend Sometimes You and Sometimes Me
The People In My Life Love Coming Your Way As I Woke Up
Picnic With My Friend Lady Friend From Heaven Thank You, For All You Do
May You Always Don't Tell You Enough A Little Soft Hug
Goodbye Our Sunny Friend The Promise This Gift
Peace Rose My Faith And Belief When The Stars Twinkle
That Certain Person You Toddled By My Heart Bouquet Of Yellow Roses
Angel Of Grace Precious And Few A Sugar Frosted Day
Remember When? Upon The Garden Swing The Sky Would Fill With Petals
Friend Of My Heart Laughter And Tears Bond Of Friendship
Friendship's Celebration Cake Sweet Things We Like Funny Face
Sharing Secrets I Didn't Know You Whispered Friendship Heaven
Remember The Love My Many Friends Wishes
If A Flower I Gathered Happy Cheerful Thoughts Pretty One
Let's..... Love Will Go The Distance A Friend In Need
Our Friendship Is Unique A Tender Touch Nestling In Rose Petals
Spring Smiles Twas Of The Heart By Being
Peace Rose Friendship Flowers If I Could Give You Spring
I Felt Your Little Tug Sending A Smile My Gift For You Today
A Li'l Tweety Whispered Friendships That Endure Treasure E'er Divine
Guiding Light Friends When From Then My Loving Friend
Heartprints On Others Because Of You Magic Of Friendship
Purely Daisies My All Season Friend Your Musical Soul
Keyboard Of My Heart Earth Angel The Pretty Gate
So Many Miles Songbird Of My Heart Two Pretty Butterflies
The Sweetest Of All At Times Bluebird Calling Bluejay
Guest Room I Miss My Garden Friend In Our Heart Friendship Begins
A Pearly Dewdrop My Friends Our Forever Smile
I Left The Gate Unlatched My Gift For You Sharing Morning Love
Friendship Evermore Play A Memory For Me Special Little People
A Friend Like You Beauty Lies In Your Eyes My Angel And I
Blessing To Have You For A Friend Hello Friends Friends Help Each Other
My Very Dearest Friend The Essence Of A Friend Within My Pansy Patch
Sharing Little Things Mean A Lot My Prehistoric Pals
May You Bear Hugs And Love Through The Window Of My Heart
Thank You For Being Bear Hugs And A Basketful Of Love The Garden Path
Little Miraculous Moments Plunk Down Beary Comfy I Wish For You
Lady Who Passes Out Smiles

It's Too Long Ago

'Til The End
A Letter To My Friend Overlapping Hearts Friendships Are A Mystery
For You I Wish For You Don't Ever Think
Thank You Heavenly Friend You Reflect The Beauty The Smiley Face
Special Angels Blessed Our Forever Spring
All It Takes Is A Smile Imagine The Park The Joy Of Friendship
The Prettiest Lily My Garden Shelf For You My Dear Friend
Here 'Tis Where The Color Of You My Friend In Tomorrow
I'll Always Think Of You Harmonic Platonics How To Be A Good Friend
Forever Friends Roses For You Friends Perfect Reflection

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