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Bonnie Ray
Check out her book of poetry
"Heart Drums"


Humbling Rose

Path Of Peace

Silent Love

Be My Valentine Somebody's Daughter Because I Love You Little Old House
Home For Christmas Grace Trail Of Tears Singing River
Teddy Bear Love I Am Nature's Grace Osiyo
Gifts Love's Melody Friendships Note Wolf Now And Then
Cotton Print Into This Life I Am Cherokee Christmas Love
Bob Hope Tribute Early In The Morning Not Just Another Woman Spirit Wind II
Book Of Life Sweet Spirit Winds Morning Song Stairway To My Heart
Play For Me Maestro Grandpa's Note Until Just Beyond The Blue
Dearest Friend Could You Do It Loving Friend Grandmother Was Cherokee
Something Somewhere Sometime Kisses In The Wind Teardrops And Roses A Friend Like No Other
Happy Anniversary Petals Of Life Love's Night Spirit Uncle Raleigh
Love Basket Angels Everywhere Candy Love Forever Timeless
Crystal Tears And Golden Years Dreams Magic Ancient Winds Life Had A Yard Sale
Love's Magic Dream Ask Yourself Ageless  Heart Wistful Dreams
Priest And The Lamb You, My Greatest Treasure Happy Valentine Soldier Especially For You
Cherokee Love Poem Deaths Broken Heart Missing You Autumn Whispers
Li'l Bird Told Me It's Near Halloween Witch Did You Know I Don't Know
Without You The Lonely Christmas Tree If You.... Looking Back
A Kiss Four Sisters Untold Love Story

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Twanica Elizabeth Adcock
None available

My Grateful List

Pains Of Life

Holding On

Sinners Prayer-

Faith, Hope & Love Now I Lay Me Down The Tree A Single Tear
Paint My Picture A Whisper Joyful Noise To Treasure Heaven's Echoes
Rainbow Lady I Call Aunt Question Of Love Heroes
Angels Among Us Emergence The Greatest Life's A Dance
Quilt Of Life Another Day Graduation Day Lord We Do All Adore Thee
How Much Discovery A Painting,Window,Mirror Letting Go
Picture Of Life Morning Prayer Steps Military Christmas

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Our Friendship

God's Plan


My Friend To The End-

P-O-W-E-R Christmas Here & There Chatting A New Day
Paid In Full My Dear Friend Springtime Here & There Home At Last
Stormy Winds Grace Our Friendship Bond My Home
My Grubby Angel Can You Admit It God's Promise To Me Lovely Day
My Sweet Friend My Wish For You For Your Birthday My Friend
He Had No Blame Special Person Aches Pains And Woes The Storm
To Know You Is To Love You From There To Here Trip To Mena Part I & II Pathway To God
Friends Meeting Friends At The Setting Of The Sun Are You An Old Boot? Your Friend
Hello Pumpkin Mena, Mena Almost There Christmas Helpers
Chapter By Chapter Again

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My Angel

My Music

My Friends

Friendship To Feed-

I Wonder If Valentine Gift for You What I Believe The Stranger
God's Gifts On This Day This Day God Gave What Was It Like
Can You See Him I Wonder May You YourFriendship So Sweet
Is Life Worth It I Love My Church Just How Are You Ode To Mother
I Love My Pets My Love If I Could Pick & Choose Wonder Of A Summer Day
God's Wondrous World Those Olden Days Good Night Angel Things I Love
My Angels Coffee Time What I Love In Life Without
My Dream Jesus Our Friend Fall Is In The Air Life's Journey
Dropping By Don't Ever Lose Faith Because We're Friends Keeping In Touch
My Thanksgiving His Wondrous Love How We Would Answer No Presents
New Year's Toast When... Little Loner My Little Angels
Our Time On Earth I Don't Wanna Go They Remind Me Of Him Each New Day
My Favorite Songs Just For Mom Oh My Sinuses! Summer At The Farm
I Found Him My Lord Master My Life With God
There Is A Time Thunderstorms Waiting Summer Is Gone
If God Special Birthday Christmas Why We Celebrate Toast To My New Friends
Grumpy People My Heart God's Family My Little Puter
Heart Strings My Strangers I Heard From Someone Thankful For All
If I Told You Peeking In On You I Asked God My Feelin's
A Baby If We Could See Spring Clouds
Jesus Is The Song What Is God Thinking My Special Place Happy Easter
Sometimes Jesus Is Calling Person In The Mirror Spring Time
The Raging Storm My Friends Have You Ever Friendship
Heart Smile - FLASH True Friendship My Special Garden I Know
Apple Of Their Eyes How Does A Friendship Grow We Belong Together Dear Friend - Flash
Best Buddies - FLASH In This Cold World When I Reach The Pearly Gates As I Listen
Stormy Lives Merry Christmas Friends Christmas Day CHRISTmas
Dear Santa Because It's Christmas Honor Them I Am One Person
My Treasure Do You Remember Just When Winter Storm
Good Morning My Friends Why We Celebrate Easter As I Wake Each Morning Best Friends Forever
Mother's Day Kisses How Can I Say Sounds Of Summer Just Because
Your Touch Upon My Heart What Will If I Could
Angel Friend CHRISTmas Is OK Please Hold My Hand Won't You Walk With Me
What Will Heaven Be At Times I Took Life For Granted The Holidays Are Coming
Old Fashioned Christmas Sharing My Words At Christmas Tis The Season They'll Be The Whisper In Your Heart
Our Friendship Is Unique My Faith And Belief Tiffany's Angel Don't Tell You Enough
Gone So Precious As I Woke Up

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There Shall Be Wars

Handle With Care

Sweet Dreams

Jeffery's Prayer I Am One Day Is All I'm Asking I Heard Him Whisper
My Weakness Unworthy Jeffery's Prayer 2 My Everything
Just Praise Him You Are What Will I Do
Remember 911 Prayer Chain Journey Of Friendship Broken Hearts Fallen Tears Our Faith And Friendship
Where Was God Jesus Simple Man His Unending Love
Sweet Sleep Healing Garden Best In You My Prayer Petition
My New Friend My Forever Love My Prayer Jazz Band Up In Heaven
Crucified With Jesus Manger Beyond The Grave They Won't Be Home For New Years Anthony's Prayer
If I Never Sail Away Christ's Suffering My Greatest Treasure
Jesus Is Coming If I Could Be Your Angel Holy Trinity The Great I Am
Memories Thank You In His Hands Whose Hand
Lighthouse Of Life Calming Seas Master's Hand Prophecy
Roads Stand In Faith Alone Sacrificed On Parents Aging
For Terri God's Love For You Tears In Heaven How Much Do I Love You
Talk With Jesus Who Reflections Just One More
Rope Broken Vessel Thank You I Saw
Home For Christmas The Vine Child Of His Light Candle
Follow Me That Night How Many - Flash Anointed One
Desert Rapture In His Love Caught Up In The Spirit
Light Here Am I The Only Man Lifting You Up In Prayer
Goal My Evening Prayer He Is Everywhere Elbows And Knees
Traveler One Day At A Time The Dance Garden Stroll
Good Enough For Me Rockin Chairs Shelter Of His Arms Resurrection Day
His Everlasting Love Path Least Trod As I Do, Do So Ye Favourite Colors
I'll Wait For You If They Only Knew Talk With Satan Tent Revival
Wondering Whying He Didn't Alabaster Jar Too Busy
Living Testimony Inside Outside Mountain High Dear Lord
The Mark Be Still Be Silent Three Cords
How Many Times Plan Only For A Little While More Of You
Be Still My Child Slow Me Down Lord Promises Remembering 911
Road Chosen Nothing God Can't Do One Body
We Give You Thanks The Christmas Gift Reason Moon Pies And A Pop Called RC
Two Ships If I Could Faith Is A Mother
Dying To Live First Light Of Day I Try As Time Goes Drifting By
Arms Open Wide The Invitation If I Knew - VA Tech I Will Heal Your Land
Mother, May I? He Chose It All I Am Always Near Home Of The Brave
Another Kind Of Soldier Ridin' Fences Left Behind Be Thou
I Behold True Love Ever Here An Angel To Me
The Dreamers I'm Gonna Dance My God How Great Thou Art Love Came Down
I Believe Hope But For The Grace Of God Empty Boots
A Soldier's Christmas Card Pa-Rumpa-Pum-Pum Just As You Are

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My Burdens Hands Of Time One Of Our Own Computer Woes
Good Morning Friend Bundle Of Joy Love Of My Life My Little Paws
View From My Window Seasons Sunset Special Angels
My Thanksgiving Blessings Empty House Christmas Night First Snowfall
Standing Tall For Jesus

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